23-28th September 2018 | Moscow, Russia
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
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Scientific Program
The Program will include Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, Oral Communications and Poster Presentations.

Conference Topics
The Conference will cover modern trends in the studies of complex chemical systems at various levels, including synthesis, structural studies, advanced development and applications of the hybrid and organic functional materials. Access to complex molecular architectures is of primary importance to the development of functional materials for innovative applications in the material and life sciences, catalysis, organic chemistry, polymer science, and several other topical areas. In particular, 3D printing, associated with a remarkable range of organic materials, polymers and hybrid materials, creates a strong driving force and opens a number of new opportunities.

Main ChemTrends-2018 topics include:
        * New materials for advanced applications
        * Organic chemistry for material and life sciences
        * Catalysis
        * Green and sustainable approaches
        * Additive manufacturing technologies
        * Complex molecular architectures, supramolecular systems and networking chemical systems
        * Computational studies and theoretical modeling of organic and hybrid systems

Dedicated Sessions
In addition to the above-listed topics, some dedicated scientific sessions will be included in the Program, covering the following areas:
    * Ionic Liquids
    * 3D Printing

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